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Welcome to Rushville, IN!

Greetings from Rushville Mayor Mike Pavey

Welcome to the official cyber home of the City of Rushville, a city of great potential. Located in southeastern Indiana, the city is nestled between the metropolitan centers of Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Dayton. Its distance to larger cities is part of its grace and offers the best of both worlds.

Rushville is a city rich in history and small-town charm, while still offering the urban conveniences of industrial growth, development and technology. The community is home to award-winning schools, thriving family-owned and operated businesses and family-oriented neighborhoods.

Rushville is a very friendly city, located 40 miles southeast of Indianapolis and 80 miles northwest of Cincinnati.

We have what you’re looking for including excellent schools, a state of the art hospital with a cutting edge cancer wing and helipad, new housing units, community centers, a rich history, small-town charm and more.

Rushville is experiencing rejuvenation. This sense of rebirth only adds to a city and county that has an intense sense of community. It’s a place where people feel good about raising their family and where safety is a priority; it’s a place "where everyone knows your name."

My goal is to re-energize the community while paying proper respects to our wonderfully rich heritage. To do this, my administration needs to nurture an economic development environment that is conducive to job creation, encourages continuing education and drives a new housing market. We need to make sure quality of life issues are being addressed to the satisfaction of existing residents while also attracting new people and businesses to our community.

We offer top-notch city services to all residents. City leaders are proactive, progressive, energetic and dedicated to making Rushville the place that you would be happy to call home. City leaders are eager to assist our Economic and Community Development Director, John McCane, with the growth and retention of business and industry.

I encourage you to visit us and form your own opinion. I’m certain you will be impressed with what you see!

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions you may contact me at 765-932-3735 or e-mail me at

Michael P. Pavey, Mayor
City of Rushville